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It's useless to acquire, align and convert data if this information can not be sent to other software. The export functions can be used to create files that can then be imported in other software.

OpticalRevEng Dental offers 2 different export types: Manual and Automatic. Manual exports can be used anytime and in any kind of project; Automatic exports are specific to a project. The automatic export's functions can be configured in the Options dialog.


OpticalRevEng Dental supports the following formats:

  • Acquisitions
    • 'Scan' : this export function will create a file (.cri) for every 3D image taken by the scanner and an additional file (.scan) with a data description. It can be used only by OpticalRevEng Dental and all the files need to be kept together.
    • 'ZScan' : this export function saves the same information as the Scan export function, but compressing everything in one single file.
  • Meshes
    • 'STL ASCII/Binary' : the STL file format is the most used. Most of the 3D software can read/save STL files. It does not save all the information of the 3D Objects, such as their color or the connection between every single face, therefore two different software can read the same STL file and show different results.
    • 'OFF ASCII' : the OFF format is a really simple file format as described here [OFF Format]. It keeps more information than the STL format.
    • 'PLY ASCII/Binary' : the PLY format, as the OFF format, can contain more information about the 3D data but is not so well supported by other software.
    • 'OBJ' : The OBJ format is only ASCII, it can keep the most information about the 3D data, even the color, and is compatible with most softwares.

If maximum compatibility is needed, the best format to use is the STL. If the objective is to keep the most accurate 3D data, the OBJ format is better.

Manual Export

There are two ways to save the Acquisitions and the Meshes on disk.

Single Object Export

To export a single element from the project:

  1. Right click on the element in the Project Tree
  2. Select Export.. from the Context Menu
  3. From the dialog that will pop up, select where to save the file, its name and format for the data.

Multi Object Export

To export more than one element of the project in the same file:

  1. Select from the Project Tree all the data that have to be exported together
  2. From the File menu, select the Export Visible function
  3. From the dialog that will pop up, select where to save the file, its name and format for the data.

Automatic Export

To use the automatic export function, click on the Export To CAD button in the Main Toolbar. The software will then export all the project data, according to the selected Exporter Profile.

The Exporter Profiles can be modified by authorized dealers in order to export in various different formats and to many different CADs.

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