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Main Toolbar

In the bottom right corner of the user interface there is the Main Toolbar:


This toolbar allows to access all the basic features of OpticalRevEng Dental software.

The toolbar is hidden only during the Step-By-Step Wizard.

When an element is selected on the Project Tree, this toolbar adapts itself to the currently selected element.

Main Buttons

The 5 main software buttons (Acquisition, Alignment, Mesh Generation, Export and Project Menu) will be always visible but, if not available, they will be grayed out.

This page describes the function of each button in the Structured Mode projects. Information about the Free Mode can be found in its specific page.

ActionAcquisition.jpg Acquisition  
Starts the acquisition of the currently selected object, using the right element strategy.
ActionAlignment.jpg Alignment  
Starts the alignment of the currently selected object with the specific reference item.
ActionGenerateMesh.jpg Mesh Generation  
Generates the mesh of the currently selected acquisitions, using the right element strategy.
ActionExportData.jpg Export  
Starts the project specific export procedure.
EmbeddedPrjMenuButton.jpg Project Menu 
Opens a menu with some project functions (Open, Save, Edit Project, etc.)

Additional Buttons

Other additional buttons may appear depending on the currently selected items.

ActionMultiDieAcquisition.jpg Multi-Die Acquisition 
Allows to scan multiple dies at the same time, with the Multi-Die support.
ActionIntegrateAcquisition.jpg Integrate Acquisition 
Starts the integration mode, to add additional information to an already acquired object.
ActionMarkerAlign.jpg Implant Align  
Starts the alignment between the Mesh of a scan bodies and the implant library.
ActionOrtoBase.jpg Model Base Trimming 
Starts the Model Base Trimming tool for Orthodontic and Impression projects.
GuidedSurgeyIcon.jpg Surgery Guide  
Starts the Surgery Guide wizard.
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