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Additional Tools

All the software tools that are not available in the Main Toolbar can be found in the menus or in other toolbars.

The menu bar and every other toolbar can be showed or hidden by the user in the View Menu.

This page provides a list of all the tools, divided into categories, with a brief description and a link for the specific page, if available.

Project Tools

This tools can be found in the File Menu or in the Project Toolbar or in the Project Menu of the Main Toolbar and allow the user to create, edit and save projects.

ActionNewFreeProject.jpg New Free Project 
Creates a new project in Free Mode
ActionNew.jpg Project Creation 
Creates a new Structured Project
ActionEditCommessa.jpg Edit Project 
Modifies a Structured Project
ActionLoad.jpg Load Project 
Loads a Scan Project or an Exocad Project from the disk
ActionSave.jpg Save Project 
Saves the current project on the disk
ActionSaveProjectAs.jpg Save Project As 
Saves the current project in a different folder
ActionStartAcqWizard.jpg Start Acquisition Wizard 
Starts the Step-By-Step wizard for the current project
ActionExportToCad.jpg Export Visible 
Saves all the visibile data in a single file
ActionExit.jpg Exit 
Closes the software

Edit Tools

All the buttons in the Edit Menu and in the Selection Toolbar are described in detail in the Data Editing page.

View Tools

This tools can be found in the View Menu, in the Navigation and Rendering Toolbars and in the 3D View Context Menu.

They allow interaction with the 3D View or to adapt the software interface at the user's needs.

The ones not described in the 3D View page are:

Auto-hide Menu 
Hides the menu bar when the mouse is far from the top of the window
Submenu that allows hiding/showing the toolbars one by one
View Aligned Implants 
If this options is enabled, the Project Tree will show a column with all the implants library aligned for every mesh
ActionShowMarker.jpg Show Marker 
If the current mesh is aligned to an implant library, it shows the position of the implant library marker
ActionShowConnection.jpg Show Connection 
If the current mesh is aligned to an implant library, it shows the position of the implant library connection interface

Rendering Toolbar

ActionEnableLight.jpg Light 
Enables the light system of the 3D View
ActionColorForFace.jpg Color For Face 
Switches from a smooth rendering to a flat rendering that shows every single mesh triangle
ActionViewStructure.jpg View Structure 
Draws the triangles with a different color to better view the mesh structure
ActionColorMode.jpg Color Mode 
Allows to choose between 3 different color modes

Color Modes

  • Texture : uses the original color of the object (only for color scanners)
  • Assigned : uses the color specific to the element, it can be changed in the context menu on the project tree. This is assigned for every single object
  • Uniform : uses one color for every acquisition and one color for every mesh. This color mode is selected by default, the colors can be changed in the Options window

Acquisitions Tools

All the buttons in the Acquisition Menu and in the Acquisition Toolbar are explained in detail in the Data Editing page.

These Tools are:

ActionSelectOutliers.jpg Select Outliers
Allows to select the outlier points
ActionSelectOutliersByAngle.jpg Select Outliers by Angle
allows to select outliers based on an angle
ActionSelectOutliersSegmentation.jpg Select Outliers Segmentation
allows to select grups of outliers
ActionCutHeight.jpg Cut Hight
allows to cut unwanted and unnecessary parts of the model using a cursor
ActionGenerateMesh.jpg Generate Mesh
converts the Range Image in Mesh format

Mesh Tools

All the buttons in the Mesh Menu and in the Mesh Toolbar are explained in the Mesh Editing page.

These Tools are:

ActionRemoveSpikes.jpg Remove Spikes
Corrects irregularities of the surface
ActionMeshAdvSmoothing.jpg Adv Smoothing
Advanced tool to smooth and sharpen a mesh
ActionMeshDecimate.jpg Decimate
Reduces the number of triangles of a mesh
ActionMeshDefeature.jpg Defeature
Removes the details on the selected part of a mesh
ActionMeshCatenate.jpg Catenate
Creates a single mesh out of the selected individual meshes
ActionFlipNormals.jpg Flip normals
Flips the normals of the mesh
ActionMeshFillHoles.jpg Fill All Holes
Fills all the holes of the mesh
ActionCloseDenturse.jpg Close Denture
Closes the base of the meshed model
ActionMeshDetectIntersec.jpg Fix Mesh
Detects and fixes the structural issues of a mesh
ActionMeshOffset.jpg Mesh Offset
Creates a bigger/smaller version of the selected mesh.

Alignment Tools

ActionGlobalAlignment.jpg Global Alignment 
Tries to recostruct the entire object when the "Range Images" of an acquisition are not well fitted together
ActionAlignment.jpg Alignment 
This button will start the alignment of the currently selected item with the specific reference item


In the Tools Menu are available generic tools that are indipendent from the currently selected items and that do not fit in the other categories

ActionMove.jpg Move Item 
Allows to freely move the selected objects in the space
ActionDistanceMeasure.jpg Distance Measure 
Allows to measure distances by placing 2 points on the selected 3D objects
ActionSingleAcquisition.jpg Single Acquisition 
Allows to launch a single 3D acquisition without moving the object inside the scanner
LiveButton.jpg Open Live
Allows to open the live view of the cameras to see the ongoing scanning process in the pc monitor
Dental To Free 
Converts a Structured Project into a Free Project (data will be lost in the process, this can not be reverted)
ActionOptions.jpg Options 
Opens the Options Dialog
Full Screen 
This tool will change the application window to use all the screen space
StartServiceButton.jpg Service Mode 
Enter service mode


In the ? Menu, the following tools are available:

Check for Updates 
By clicking on this tool, the software will look for any available updated version and prompt to download the last updated version if possible
Ask For Support 
This tool will bring on the screen a dialog with the contact details of the technical support
User Info 
This tool will show a dialog requiring user's information that will be used by the software's automatic update system to signal errors.
A little dialog with some information about this software
Demo Mode 
Starts a demo scan procedure that lasts until stopped

For more details about a specific tool, look at the linked pages

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