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The Start Screen is the first dialog that appears when launching the software.

There are two different kinds of start screen. One will appear when the software is launched directly by the user, the other when the software is launched by another software, having already defined a project.

In both cases, the software will perform a System Check and show a message. If everything is ready to work and the scanner is correctly connected, the screen will show the sentence Scanner initialized correctly. If, for any reason, the scanner is not correctly working, a specific error message will be displayed.

In both Start Screens, this button ActionOptions.jpg opens the Options Dialog.

Project Ready Start-Up

This is the Start Screen that appears when the software is launched having already set a project in an Invoking Software, for example if started from the Exocad DentalDB.


On the left, under 'Advenced Import Options' select a 'Model Type' to change the software workflow:

Sectioned Model 
default workflow, in which every element is acquired separately and all the information gets merged at the end
Impression Scan 
if the Impression Scan Module is enabled in the license, check this option to scan an impression and not a stone model
Quadrant Model 
if the Concept Quad Scan Module is enabled, it is possible to scan all the parts of a Quadrant Tray in just one step
Unsectioned Model 
enable this option if the model to be scanned is not sectioned, the scanner will not require a separate scan for every die

On the right, there are 2 buttons:

ActionStartAcqWizard.jpg Start Project 
Creates a specific Scan Project using data coming from the Invoking Sofware, with the selected options, and starts the Step-By-Step Wizard
ActionExit.jpg Close 
Closes the software without starting the project

Direct Launch

This is the Start Screen that appears when launching the software directly

Dental 2 5 startPopUp.jpg

In this case, no project is ready so the software will ask to create a new project or to load a previously created project.

ActionNewFreeProject.jpg New Free Project 
Only present if the Free Module is enabled. It allows to create a project in Free Mode
ActionNew.jpg New Project 
Allows to create a Structured Project and start a Step-By-Step Wizard
ActionLoad.jpg Load Project 
Allows to load a previous project
ActionExit.jpg Close 
Closes the software without starting the project
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