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How to Correctly Unbox Open Technologies' Scanners

Check the conditions of the box and, once opened, remove the packaging material.

1-scatola aperta.jpg


Carefully unbox all the accessories: power cord, signal cables, accessories’ kit and fabric scanner cover, if present.

3-interno scatola.jpg

4a-interno scatola.jpg

4b-interno scatola.jpg

4c-interno scatola.jpg

Remove the lateral bumpers and clear the scanner’s volume completely.

5-interno scatola.jpg

6-interno scatola.jpg

Lift up and unbox the scanner. Make sure you have 2 people for this operation, lift the scanner up only using the metal base - please do not try to lift the scanner from the outer housing as it will possibly damage the product.



The use and maintenance manual of the machine is available in digital format in the scanner’s internal memory.

The scanner's model , it's color and the contents of the box may differ from the "picture shown"